Alia Zin Drops New Music Video For ‘Good Out Here’

With her latest project Wiccan being on the course to finding herself, you can tell she was a bit lost by the sound and structure of the tracks within the album. However, Sage My Soul will show the artist growing, finding herself and building off that structure.

Good Out Here is a representation of her life in Los Angeles since she moved back. The ‘city of dreams’ they call it, but Alia Zin touches base on topics that aren’t all ‘glitter and gold’. From driving through different hoods, seeing fiends and others not accepting who they are or thinking for themselves – it is all due to societies norms to hate ourselves.

Alia Zin brings the peace, love, and positivity to surface that no matter what they say or label us as if we stick together we’ll be alright. But don’t get it twisted – she speaks the honest truth. Life isn’t easy, we’re only human, and we all have our demons – but USE that to motivate yourself to get up out of the slumps and go hard!


This is what Alia Zin had to say about Good out Here :

“I wanted to portray that we’re all human. Stereotyped, labeled, and depicted by other people off of sight rather than truly understanding what you’ve been through or your story. That unity and building that sense of community is a powerful force that’s necessary especially with everything going on right now. We need love and unity more than ever.” – Alia Zin


Words by Daniela Campos

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