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Got a passion for writing about myself and other artists. Contact me for a write up or an interview.

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Rapper Just John Speaks Upon Injustice On His New ‘Black Beret’ EP

  John Samuels aka Just John is a 24-year-old rapper from Scarborough based in Toronto that has finally released his story on police violence, gentrification and DIY spaces for the arts and music culture. Not only is he an artist and the co-creator of Bl

publish December 14, 2017 22
Rich Chigga – Crisis ft. 21 Savage [MUSIC VIDEO]

Rich Chigga,18-year-old rapper has made a name for himself in the music industry ever since his music video to Dat $tick last year and went viral and got up to 77 million views on Youtube. From there, he has collaborated with other rappers such as Ghostface Ki

publish December 7, 2017 1,335
Don’t Sleep On New Orleans Rapper Aha Gazelle
Don’t Sleep On New Orleans Rapper Aha Gazelle

Aha Gazelle, rapper from New Orleans, Louisana just recently signed to Reach Records and it is definitely well deserved. He has been grinding for years to get to where he is, and no one can debate that. From creating project after project, Aha is getting the r

publish December 7, 2017 698
Get Familiar With Manu Crook$

Manu Crook$ has been making huge waves lately with his music. Just performed with artist Tory Lanez in Melbourne and Sydney – his new mood forever EP is sure to make an impact. With six strong tracks on the project, Manu is ready to blow – with the

publish October 17, 2017 604
Don’t Sleep On Chynna Rogers; Philly Rapper Coming For Everything She Deserves

Chynna Rogers aka Chynna aka Chizzy, rapper from Philadelphia has been putting in the work for years now. Originally a model; she has proven herself time and time again of not only the bars she can spit but creating raw music. Her new four-track EP music 2 die

publish October 17, 2017 297
Navé Monjo – Don’t Be Shy [MUSIC VIDEO]
Navé Monjo – Don’t Be Shy [MUSIC VIDEO]

Back in May this year we introduced you all to an upcoming artist – Navé Monjo, singer-songwriter and rapper from Kansas City. With his first music video for Royal Blue, that dropped in August 2016 it managed to get over 190K views on Youtube, and he th

publish October 12, 2017 2,408
Kris Wu Drops ‘Deserve’ Featuring Travis Scott

To those who don’y know who Kris Wu is – here’s your chance to get familiar with the multi-talented Canadian-Chinese star. Not only can he act, model, sing and songwrite, but he is crossing over in the States and other parts of the world. Tod

publish October 12, 2017 1,300
Alia Zin Drops New Music Video For ‘Good Out Here’

With her latest project Wiccan being on the course to finding herself, you can tell she was a bit lost by the sound and structure of the tracks within the album. However, Sage My Soul will show the artist growing, finding herself and building off that structur

publish October 2, 2017 86
Don Mykel Is Ready To Take Over

Don Mykel, rapper based in Harlem, New York is an artist you NEED to listen to if you haven’t yet. Being a fan of hip-hop I can honestly say that Don Mykel is adding value to the culture and keeping the traits of hip-hop in tact while adding his own auth

publish October 2, 2017 82
Meet Marty Baller – A$AP Ferg’s Protege

MARTY BALLER, rapper from Harlem, New York was born for this. At a young age growing up in the streets, he was inspired by his mother to work hard for what he wants in life. After meeting A$AP Ferg aka The Trap Lord in high school, he was always inspired by hi

publish September 2, 2017 1,261
Meet Alia Zin: The LA Rapper With The Potential To Blow

Photo by: @knvkleaded If you’re familiar with rappers Ab-Soul, Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$, Princess Nokia, Angel Haze and any other ‘spiritual’ rappers, then you’ll love Alia Zin. The LA rapper is known for her wordplay, spirituality, a

publish July 26, 2017 4,449
Do Not Sleep On Sahtyre; The LA Rapper Paving His Own Way

Cassidy Howell better known Sahtyre, is the rapper from Los Angeles, California who isn’t afraid to be himself unapologetically. His tendency to portray himself truthfully in his music and show his fans that it’s okay to be honest with yourself a

publish June 5, 2017 68

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