Kris Wu Drops ‘Deserve’ Featuring Travis Scott

To those who don’y know who Kris Wu is – here’s your chance to get familiar with the multi-talented Canadian-Chinese star. Not only can he act, model, sing and songwrite, but he is crossing over in the States and other parts of the world.

Today, he releases a track featuring American rap star Travis Scott – Deserve, combining two stars from different hemispheres of the world. Showing the versatility that two completely different artists can come together to create a completely fire track that is authentic proves a lot. In the music industry, more and more Korean-based artists are coming together with U.S artists, specifically rappers to create legendary music.

Although Kris Wu is originally from China, his past music career in a Korean boy band has propelled him into leaving and creating music on his own, and let’s face it – his track July is simply just euphoric. With the EDM productions with a similar vibe to Flume, the alluring vocals and his rap flow will pull you into becoming a fan if you weren’t already. He has managed to release newer content such as 6 and Juice – which also prove his ability to adapt to different styles and create hit after hit. From creating his single Juice for the film xXx: The Return of Xander Cage: to hip-hop influenced 6, Kris Wu wants it all – and he is succeeding on a large scale.

Deserve is just another example of Kris Wu’s ability to adapt, making it his best track yet to date. Travis Scott shows his versatility in the track as well, keeping his usual flow but showing his sensual-yet sexual side. The two have definitely created something special here, breaking the boundaries and exceeding expectations – Deserve is a transition to innovative collaborations.


Stream Kris Wu x Travis Scott – Deserve below on Spotify. 

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