New Single From Navè Monjo- We Got It Lit Ft. Tee Grizzley Premiere


Nave Monjo just dropped a hot new single; We Got It Lit. It’s his 5th single posted on his Soundcloud page, and the rapper/producer is heavily increasing in plays.

Just recently signed to 300 Ent. he has a lot of new content that he’s working on for his listeners and for the last few tracks he’s posted I think it’s safe to say he’ll make hit after hit.

The multifaceted artist can rap, sing, produce and even dance so there’s no question about how talented Nave is when it comes to creating. He produced We Got It Lit and it features rapper Tee Grizzley, which is yet another surprise from Monjo.

He is constantly testing his abilities and experimenting with his sound to gain different crowds’ attention and has the skill to attain multiple listeners. The good thing about this is throughout all of that, he still sounds authentic and very much himself as an artist; everytime you put on a Monjo track, you can easily tell it’s him.

If you recently read my interview with Nave Monjo then you were expecting his new track with Tee Grizzley, and that he will be releasing his EP Hypnotherapy soon as well. His new EP will continue to show you his versatility as an artist, producer, and songwriter, so stay on the lookout for that!

Stream We Got It Lit below on Soundcloud. 


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