Do Not Sleep On Sahtyre; The LA Rapper Paving His Own Way

Cassidy Howell better known Sahtyre, is the rapper from Los Angeles, California who isn’t afraid to be himself unapologetically. His tendency to portray himself truthfully in his music and show his fans that it’s okay to be honest with yourself and who you are is why I admire him so much. He wants to inspire others to be truthful and hoping one day that we can all be with each other instead of hiding under a certain facade that some do.

Sahtyre has been creating music for years, back from the Swim Team days, to his first album High Saht, The Buddha, LSD (Prelude), LSD (Saga) and now Cassidy Howell and everything else in between. It’s been an amazing thing to process and hear his growth as a fan and genuine lover of his music, and see his talent inspire so many people.

This artist alone has helped me get through a lot of experiences in my life and I can honestly vouch for him as an artist who is too slept on and deserves more recognition. His ability to portray his life experiences with clever wordplay and his raspy unique voice, not to mention ambition and work ethic is admirable.

Below I got the chance to ask Sahtyre some personal questions about his past, spirituality, his sound, and more. 


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For those who may not be familiar with Sahtyre, who is he and why did you decide to name this album Cassidy Howell (biological name), considering your last album was LSD (Saga) and before that LSD (Prelude)?

I chose to name the album after myself for a few reasons. In the process of making it, I had been going through a lot and it was really showing in the music. In my self-reflection I was realizing that I have a lot of deeply-rooted causes for certain tendancies that I possess and decided to tell the stories about some of those origins. By the time I had about half of the songs recorded, I felt it was only right that I name the album after myself.

What makes this album different from your last one? What have you gone through in the process of this album that made it what it is?

I feel this album really peels the curtain back and gives the listener the opportunity to learn a lot about who I am as a human being. From my crazy past, to the some deeper aspects of who I currently am I’ve definitely shared a lot more than I ever have before and it’s honestly been really freeing to tell my story.


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Your music has always had influences of sex, drugs, love, (LSD) and embracing who you are while not caring what others think. Why is it so important for you to not have that filter some artists may have?

I believe that art is self-expression in its purest form and I only want to create organically. I say whatever the fuck I really feel because I’m trying to be honest with myself and through that hopefully other people can be inspired to be honest with themselves as well and maybe one day we can all be honest with each other.

Although LSD (Saga) had diversity on it, ranging from bangers, personal tracks, I found it to be very dark in a sense. With you speaking on your father(s), you ex-girlfriend, your mom’s addictions, the environment you live in, questioning God, and on the other hand you speak on your grandma being proud of you, your homies being your day ones, wishing you were closed minded; you seem to constantly portray two sides of the spectrum. Would you say that you were going through a lot at the time? Do you feel like you’re stuck in between these two personas?

No I don’t feel like I’m stuck or anything like that. I understand that as a person I’m constantly growing and changing and my art is merely a reflection of that so I feel free to create as a please. Also, the amount of music that I release is only a small percentage of what I make so I have all kind of shit that you wouldn’t even believe.


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In Cassidy Howell, I noticed you speak on dimensions, astral projection, your third eye, sacred geometry, and being a God. When did you get into spirituality and how has it helped you as not only an artist but as a soul living in your human experience?

I first started to become conscious and aware of my spirituality when I was about 19. I took a bunch of mushrooms for the first time and that trip prompted so much exploration and research into my own mind and others’. I think it helps me in hella different ways from knowing how to express myself honestly and be grateful for the people that love and support me to giving my life a true purpose and opening so many doors for me to experience so many amazing things. It’s everything.

You speak a lot about your father and mother and how you were brought up. Despite all the struggling you have done in the past you have evolved into the person you are today. Do you ever regret the choices you might have made in the past or are you a firm believer that everything happens for a reason?

I’m a firm believer that We control our reality via conscious thought and action. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past and I’m sure I’ll make plenty more in the future, but I don’t regret and wouldn’t change anything. I’m learning through all of my failures and cherishing all of my victories. I live in the moment and I’m excited for the future.


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When did you start realizing that in order to be truly happy you have to rid yourself of ego and eternally love yourself?

Shit I’m still trying to really realize that now. It’s an ongoing practice but I do understand that the source of all our suffering is our attachment to temporary things. At the same time I love being a human and I love experiences all of the wonderful feelings and emotions, both good and bad, that this lifetime has to offer. Basically, I try to live a hybrid life that’s kinda like Buddhism mixed with Cobainism.

What inspires you in life to keep going and keep creating music. What do you tell yourself in order to stay in a positive mind frame?

I really don’t feel well when I’m not making music. I’m usually really depressed and despondent if I haven’t been writing and making beats at least a little everyday. I tend to even get like that when I am so it’s just magnified when I don’t have an outlet. Knowing this makes my work ethic insane because I do it for my health not as a job. I’m getting better at learning to be happy I think. I’m grateful to be able to make music and play it for the world.


Photo by: @adamstanzak

What is next for Sahtyre? Now that you have reached this peak in yourself what else do you feel like there’s to say?

We’re about to start dropping visuals for Cassidy Howell, I’m playing some shows and I have a lot of other cool shit up my sleeve for the summer. Follow me on social media to stay up to date. Thanks a lot for your time, I appreciate you. Love & Peace.

Stream Cassidy Howell below on Sahtyre’s Soundcloud.

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