Offset Threatens To Beat Up Ebro From Hot 97

Offset did not take Ebro’s Instagram comments lightly.

The savage from the trio lashed back at Ebro after he shared an article on Instagram claiming Cardi B dumped Offset because he reportedly charged her $250k for a verse.

Ebro poked fun at Offset’s worth, saying “An Offset verse is $250k??.” Obviously, Offset did not take it lightly and threatened to beat up Ebro when he sees him.

“Ima b at Summer jam too ima see if the same joke funny when I see u sucker stop trying my craft nigga like u tryna say I’m trash or sum I’ll beat yo old ass” commented Offset.

The two will both be attending Summer Jam this Sunday and could possibly bump into each other. We’ll have to see how this works out.



Moe Alayan