Rick Ross Squashes Drake & Meek Mill Beef

Rick Ross said he was involved in the process of squashing Drake and Meek Mill’s beef.

After 2 years, the discussion of Drake vs. Meek Mill beef is still on the table. During an interview with with Hovain Hylton, Rick Ross touched on the subject by explaining how he helped squash the beef.

“Me actually sitting down with Drake, shout out to J. Prince,” Rozay said. “It was really just… We wasn’t even discussing anything negative because by the time we get in the room, it’s so much other things going on that it’s already, ‘Let’s get on some money.’ But I had to just make sure we sat down and had some sort of understanding. It’s all about trying to touch nine figures.”

We probably will never see Drake and Meek Mill together again though. Back in February, Drake told DJ Semtex that Meek Mill is not somebody he wants to be friends with anymore. “That’s just not somebody who I ever want to be friends with […] I don’t have that level of respect for him because of his actions. I’m not looking to be friends or cordial.”

Watch Rick Ross discuss squashing the beef between Drake and Meek Mill above.

Moe Alayan