Don’t Sleep On Chynna Rogers; Philly Rapper Coming For Everything She Deserves

Chynna Rogers aka Chynna aka Chizzy, rapper from Philadelphia has been putting in the work for years now. Originally a model; she has proven herself time and time again of not only the bars she can spit but creating raw music.

Her new four-track EP music 2 die 2 has been highly anticipated and well worth the wait. With production from heaven in stereo, hongsΔmman, TĀLĀ + beat butcha], and suicideyear, Chynna’s raps reflect her survival of addiction and life’s experiences. Music 2 die 2 is inspired by Chynna’s favourite – Alfred Hitchcock’s Music to be Murdered By and she has created an enigmatic piece of art that will leave you open to take in a gloomy vibe and listen to the words Chynna spits, or authentically slowly rap-sings to.

Below I got the chance to chop it up with Chynna and ask her questions based on her writing, style of sound, spirituality, beliefs and more. Check it out below.


I know you started off writing books and short stories. Do you ever just write without the intention to turn it into a song?

All the time. For years. I keep journals and start so many thoughts I can’t complete. Sometime in paragraph form, other times bar form. Still with no intent of going further. Many a desktop has been the home of my 3-chapter in novels. But my attention span or idea just wasn’t what it should’ve been. I learned at a young age you remember things well only after you’ve written them down. I guess it stuck with me, as do the things I write.

Your last EP Ninety had a very dark aesthetic, and your vibe is very eerie and aggressive yet chill. What pulls you to create music like that aside from your personality?

I guess this still qualifies as my personality but doing too much just bothers me. I make a conscious effort not to do too much cause it’s actually my first instinct. When it comes to inspo, those kind of more mysterious subjects and sounds appeal to me. I want you to feel relaxed, and be able to listen to the music in any environment- not just when you lit. Wake up to my shit. Fall asleep to my shit. Have an epiphany. Have sex. Idk, just be able to enjoy it at any moment in your life. And life is kinda morbid, ironically, for me anyway. And I draw from the energy the universe gives me. The world has been dark lately, so it sounds like my interpretation of the environment.


How does it feel knowing the music you create is being heard/judged by thousands of people, but yet the platform you use is being continuously watched considering you’re a pretty secretive person?

I try not to think about that shit. Leo-Virgo cusp, Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising. If you know you know.

 In the NO JUMPER Interview of you, you stated that back then you listened to a lot of rock and heavy metal. Have any of those artists inspired you to make the music you do now considering it is gloomy, and you having a morbidity nature?

Yes, and you pinpointed how. Not so much in the style, but in energy. I want to evoke those same emotions.


With you and Kirk Knight from PRO ERA being pretty tight, do you think you two will ever collaborate in the future?

We been did but it’ll drop soon! Shout out to bro.

With all the experiences and struggles you’ve faced with as a person, are you the type to believe that everything happens for a reason?

Technically, every action has an opposite but equal reaction, but I don’t believe in fate it’s because of you, I believe more in free will than fate these days.


Based on the previous question, I noticed you have crystal chain necklaces that you wear daily. Is spirituality a big part of your life? How has it positively helped you? (If it has)

Yes, big part of my life. I don’t know if it’s truly helped me but maybes it’s a placebo.

 Due to your status in the industry would you say it’s hard to trust people that aren’t specifically in your field? Or even people that may come off as using or befriending you cause of your success?

I don’t trust people in my own field. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.


Considering you’re a 23-year-old rapper and I’m a 23-year-old music blogger, do you think the youth are starting to come together more and are making a new wave of having a hard work ethic as creatives in the industry to take over?

I think that most of the people with a journalist job don’t deserve it not to say you don’t. We are the most under qualified age group for the jobs we have. There are kids just out of college working on wall street.

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Words by Daniela Campos

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