Don’t Sleep On New Orleans Rapper Aha Gazelle

Aha Gazelle, rapper from New Orleans, Louisana just recently signed to Reach Records and it is definitely well deserved. He has been grinding for years to get to where he is, and no one can debate that. From creating project after project, Aha is getting the recognition he deserves.

His new album Trilliam 3 has features from Reg Rob, Silas, Starringo and Tony Ri’chard but consists of fifteen full tracks for his fans to dissect. Aha holds his own yet again, following up from Trilliam and Trilliam 2, this time with his most emotional project yet to date.

I got the chance to pick a part his brain a bit, and ask questions based on him signing to Reach Records, his personality, interviews, being authentic, Trilliam 3 plus more.

Peep his answers below and get to know more about Aha.

Aha Gazelle by Nate Shuls

I noticed you just recently got signed to Reach Records in February. After grinding for so long with your music how does it feel to finally have a deal?

It feels good. I think there’s this theory that a record deal is the end goal for a musician which in some cases may be true, but all in all it’s a step in my career that I’ve been blessed with and plan to make the most of.


I know from experience you tend to shy away from interviews due to being an introvert. With that being said, are you more comfortable with interviews or just down with specific people interviewing you? 

I think it’s a combination of both. More than anything it boils down into the transition of being an extremely talented artist verses becoming a professional. Certain things that I don’t enjoy doing must get done because it’s a part of the job. Plus the fans deserve it.


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As you grew up, you moved around a lot, and you portray this in your music. Why do you think as a rapper it’s so important for you to be authentic with your story and be honest? 

 Lol forget being a rapper, I think honesty and authenticity is important for anybody in any profession. People know what’s real and what’s not, plus with the current climate of the world we all need something real.


Being from Louisana, what other rappers have inspired you to continue rapping? I know that Master P and Lil Wayne are huge influences. Is there anyone outside of New Orleans that has influenced your music? 

Definitely Kanye West. I always shuffle him and Wayne as my goats. I even think of myself mentally as a combination of both. Kanye is the ultimate creative who made me realize on a personal level that there aren’t any rules. He’s one of the reasons I take things outside of music like branding and content creation so seriously.


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Now that you’re with Reach Records, what do you plan to achieve? Having creative control with your music is key, so do you have anything in mind that’s different now that you’ll be seen on a larger scale?

 Not really. Record deal or no record deal my vision remains the same. I always knew I would be on big stages and have a massive platform so as things come into fruition nothing makes me want to do anything different. If anything it’s the exact opposite. I’m sticking to the plan.


Trilliam 3 is on its way, to follow up Trilliam and Trilliam 2. What makes this project different from the last? 

 A lot of factors. For one it’s the biggest body of work I’ve put out since Free Barabbas which was in 2015. I think Trilliam 3 is very serious as well which may turn off some bandwagon fans. I’m really good at putting out fun catchy records which a lot of new fans have gravitated towards over the last two years but in the process I’ve deprived my core fan base who love me for my more contextual stuff. Trilliam 3 brings that back.


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What is something some may have misjudged about you in your music? What did you say to show them that you’re about presenting yourself as authentic as possible? 

I don’t think there’s one thing someone can do to really prove authenticity or any characteristic. It comes down to a series of actions along with consistency. Being misjudged is a part of life and it’s always going to happen, but my life’s not centered around proving myself to anybody.


When did you think people started taking your drive, passion and work ethic seriously?

Everybody at a different time and to this day people are still learning this. It’s part of the journey.


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Being a writer, producer, singer, and rapper – do you ever get writer’s block? How do you deal with this and does inspirations stem from feeling stuck?

All the time! I just take a break and go live. My music stems from me living life so whenever I get into a dry spell that means I’m thinking about it too hard and not living enough.


A lot of artists, I’m sure including even yourself to have a grind grind grind mentality and if they aren’t working, they don’t feel fulfilled. What would you say is great about having this trait? What is complicated about this trait as an artist? 

I personally don’t think all artists have this trait lol. Matter of fact I know they don’t. I think the greatness of this trait boils down to the ability to do the same thing over and over again while the world watches. Mentally it’s one of the most draining things someone can do and only an artist will truly understand it.



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A lot of rappers these days glorify drugs, guns, money, and materialism in general. Your track and video to Momma’s House was honest, inspiring and genuine. A lot of people may think it’s not ‘cool’ to live with your parents and to be out on your own, but you made a statement to be smart about the moves you make.  Why did you create this track and what do you think people will get out of it?

My goal with that record was to make an unconventional “Mom Song.”  There’s a massive number of millennials who are chasing their goals while living under their parents roof. I just wanted them to know that it’s okay and they’re not alone.  As far as it being “not cool” goes that’s fine with me. Life isn’t always cool. People are out here really struggling and working to achieve something and that doesn’t always look pretty. Representation is important cause people need to see.


Stream Aha Gazelle – Trilliam 3 below on Soundcloud. 

Words by Daniela Campos

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