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Manu Crook$ has been making huge waves lately with his music. Just performed with artist Tory Lanez in Melbourne and Sydney – his new mood forever EP is sure to make an impact. With six strong tracks on the project, Manu is ready to blow – with the music speaking for itself, Manu has been putting in the work, and it is all paying off accordingly.

His sound will leave you in awe, and after reading this interview and pressing play below, if you weren’t familiar before, you’ll end up a fan now. His tracks provide sounds with hard-hitting productions, chill vocals, fast flows and overall a hype that is untouchable. He’s putting on for Australia, bringing Sydney on his back while having a sound that is completely his own – his fan base will continue to grow rapidly.

Below I got the chance to touch base with Manu ask him questions based on his fan-base spreading, his dark aesthetic, his inspirations, performing with Stormzy and more.



Photo Credits: @connorlangford

Being an artist from Australia, you have managed to gain fans in The States as well as Canada. How does that feel that your music keeps getting spread throughout the globe?

Pretty crazy, can’t wait to get out there and do some crazy shows!


Only putting out a few music videos, I noticed they all have a dark aesthetic. Is that on purpose, if so, why?

I co-direct all my videos and most of my ideas always tend to shift towards a dark vibe, it’s just something about that certain aesthetic I can’t get away from! It’s super dope in my eyes.


Photo Credits: @connorlangford


How was performing at a Stormzy show? That must have been a wild experience for you and your music career.

Huge! Super wild shows and every city was full of energy! It was unreal!


You’ve just released your EP – mood forever last week with production from DOPAM!NE. How did you two cross paths and start making music?

I met DOPAM!NE from working out of the same studio space! The EP is all produced by DOPAM!NE & Miracle, mixed and mastered by DOPAM!NE.


Photo Credits: @visualsbyrazak

Your first music video off of mood forever is Ridin. Why did you decide to put visuals out for that track? What is the meaning behind ‘mood forever’?

Ridin’ was a perfect lead up record to put out, and sort of let people know I wasn’t just this trap rapper, and I got different types of records than the previous singles I put out! Mood Forever is just how you feel, no matter what it is, what you do, etc! That’s your mood forever!


Your EP was just released, and even more opportunities keep coming your way, including being a guest performance for Tory Lanez Sept. 3. Are you ready for this life, when did you decide being an artist was your dream?

Making music is a gift! It’s a wonderful thing, and I could do this for the rest of my life!


Photo Credits: @visualsbyrazak

What or who keeps you inspired to go hard and keep creating music and visuals?

I’m inspired by life! The people around me, family, art, creating! I love to create! Creating something from scratch is magical!


What would you tell any artist who has also been working on their craft but is finally starting to make more serious moves with their passion?

Keep going! Block out the negativity and just keep doing you! Try different shit, and never put yourself in a box! That’s my mood forever!


Watch Manu Crook$ – Under Pressure below.

Words by Daniela Campos

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