Hip Hop Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Exploring Its Options.

There is a new wave in Hip Hop music. A wave Lil Yachty’s and Lil Uzi Vert are pioneering, and seemingly dividing the population of hip hop. There are those who rock with the new wave, those who think they can’t rap, and those who take it at face value. But is hip hop dying because of it? No.

Hip hop, just like other genres, is gaining immense momentum and popularity; and is reaching an audience far further than what it has reached in the past. It’s gaining so much popularity, different types of rap music are arising in different areas. Simply put — just like how heavy metal arose from rock’n’roll, or how funk arose from R&B, this new wave of rap music is arising from hip hop gaining so much popularity.

What is good about the genre becoming so large, is that one can easily stop listening to the new wave if they choose to. There is a sub-genre for everyone. Personally, I tend to listen to jazz-infused hip hop for the most part.

Is Kendrick Lamar going to stop making albums because of Lil Uzi Vert? I’ll let you answer that one on your own. There are countless different hip hop subgenres, including new-aged trap, that are all vastly different and have vastly different followings. Kendrick Lamar is vastly different than Lil Yachty, who is vastly different than Eminem, who is vastly different compared to Gucci Mane. All mentioned artists are pioneers in their respective sub-genre, however that is where their comparison ends.

The comparison between pioneers of various different genres of music are not made artistically. I.e. Michael Jackson and Led Zeppelin made very different music. The same can be said within hip hop music. Gucci Mane is vastly different than Eminem, yet both are pioneers in their respective sub-genres and created their own path for others to follow.

In short, hip hop is NOT dying. It is just finally getting past the stage of being one big community, to branching out and forming many different communities. There is no stopping the power of hip hop. Ever.

Tom Hickey

Tom Hickey is a contributing writer for Hot Freestyle and CEO of Toronto Records.