Lil Yachty Speaks On People Claiming That He’s Destroying Hip Hop

The 19-year old artist is fed up with people constantly hating on him for allegedly “destroying” hip hop. From what seems to be a conversation with DatPiff, Lil Yachty addresses the hate.

“People say I’m destroying hip-hop, and I’m like, there’s so much hip-hop and it’s so popular, so I don’t know why I have the power to destroy it. It’s ridiculous! Also, I feel there are genres within genres everywhere else, like in rock – you don’t hear Slipknot complaining about Paramore not being hardcore enough. But hip-hop has to be this one type of thing – hardcore, street, storytelling, the struggle – or it’s not real. I don’t get that. People bashed Drake based off the fact that he didn’t suffer. Who cares?! Do you like the music or not?”

There’s no doubt that Lil Yachty has his own unique style of music that the fans love, so why hate? Respect his hustle!

Moe Alayan