Meet Kandy K, The Toronto Rapper, Singer-Songwriter – Triple Threat From The City

Kandy K (Kandy Kisses), rapper and r&b singer-songwriter from Toronto took an interest in music at a young age. Her determination as an artist is deeply rooted in her music. With no filter; Kandy K says what other women are thinking and is here to claim what’s rightfully hers.

Her new EP P.U.S.H showcases her versatility as an artist, with a bit of everything for everyone. From bangers, strictly lyrical content, an anthem for women, and personal life stories and even a bit of sensual singing, Kandy K has got it all.

Below I got the chance to ask her questions about her new EP P.U.S.H, her past, growth, and being an empowering female in the industry plus more.



To those who aren’t familiar with Kandy K, what makes her stand out compared to other rappers out right now? Where does your rapper name stem from?

My hunger, authenticity, and work ethic is what sets me apart from other female rappers. I’ve seen so many females try to become an overnight success, and although I am all about supporting female empowerment, I know it’s not easy as a female in this industry, and that’s why I invest endless time and sacrifices for my music.

I am born and raised in Toronto, but I pretty much lived in New Jersey/NYC for 4 years, and then Miami FL for 2 years. With the influences of all three cities, I have combined them and created my sound, which is raw, unfiltered, and uncensored.

I remember seeing you perform back in 2014 alongside with JellyTooFly and other Toronto rappers. What has changed for you since then? (performance wise, artistry, hunger, growth, etc.)

I have grown a lot since 2014…. I was previously signed to Pop Icon; Flo Rida for two years, which led me to travel with him and perform on his world tour in places like China, Alaska, Venezuela, New York, and Texas just to name a few. I learned a lot while being signed to Flo, such as how to better my songwriting, the importance of stage presence and carrying yourself like a star, and most importantly, networking and making this music my daily lifestyle.

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I noticed you linking up with Flo Rida to perform together. How was that and did any other opportunities arise from that?

Like I said, I learned a lot from Flo. It was a great experience that I will never forget, and I learned so many life lessons while being under his wing. My network has increased in size, as well as my Instagram following, and I have also become much more credible since then after having his co-sign. Since then, I’ve had so many opportunities arise such as reality TV, multiple shows, and the chance to work with people of a higher calibre.

Your lyrical content and overall vibe show your sexual side. Has anyone ever judged your success due to your looks and lyrical content? What did you say or do to prove that it’s normal to be a woman and stand up for your sexuality – since the stigma around expressing it unfortunately still exists?

I mean, being a female in this industry is already a challenge in itself because it’s a male-dominated industry. With that being said, of course, men judge me off my looks and only think of one “thing,” but it’s my job to make them take me seriously, and get them to focus on what is important; my talent = $$.

Sex sells, and I believe it always will sell, so I am sexual in my lyrical content and sometimes sexy in photos, but I always make it clear that I am more than just sex appeal, I am a star that will never get overlooked. If men try me (sexually), I redirect their focus to my music for as long as I can. The few that don’t seem to have an interest in anything other than my looks, I dismiss because I know my worth and I know I will eventually see them at the top! I shake it off and keep going!

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Your new P.U.S.H EP shows your independent artistry, and you came through with the bars and personal content. What made you decide to stick to strictly raps this time (aside from the chorus on ‘Leave With Me’) considering you’re both a talented rapper and singer?

Good question. I was working on an R&B EP for almost a year with a team of guys in Toronto. After months of frustration of my music not turning out how I would have liked; along with other circumstances, I decided to take a step back and regroup. I then decided to separate from my team and work on a project on my own. Immediately after, producers started sending me crazy beats, and I just started writing straight rap. I ended up finishing my EP in two weeks, and it just flew out of pen onto paper. Once I wrote them, I just felt right away that it was my catalogue of work yet, and that this was it. It was all of me combined in one project, while intertwining that Toronto, NYC, Miami flavor, with raw authenticity that people can relate to.

In the track ‘All On The Line,’ you speak about a lot of personal thoughts and experiences, including working at the strip club and doing what you needed to make ends meet. Being an artist, you are choosing to be an open book to the public. What makes you confident about your past since it’s lead you to where you are today? What are your opinions on women showing off their body confidentially for cash?

Let me start by saying that I believe that people should do whatever they want to do or feel that they need to do, as long as they are doing it with pride and dignity. If you are sacrificing your pride and dignity, don’t do it. I never judge anyone for what they decide to do with their life or as a way to get by because you never know what people are going through behind closed doors.

I am naturally a very blunt, open, and honest person, so for me to be expressing my truth in my music is easy. I prefer to speak my truth in my music because I know people can relate. No one is perfect, and 95% of us have gone through some struggle that has only made us stronger while bringing us where we are today. I am confident about where my past has brought me because it has made me wiser, stronger, and more aware of those around me. I’m not ashamed of my flaws, my past, or where I’ve worked in the past, because my morals, dignity, and pride are and have always been intact.


In the same track, you mention your father not being a part of your life to protect you from the streets. Like many other women, including myself, growing up with a single mother, what would you say to other women that don’t have a father figure to help protect them from certain things in life, as well as be a role model for how men should treat you?

Women around the world should be more assertive, and in control. I have learned a lot from this industry, and from past work experience, and one thing I have learned is that if you have a strong head on your shoulders, people know that they cannot manipulate you or take advantage of you.

Know your worth before entering any situation that involves a man/men. If you as a woman know your worth in a relationship, a man cannot treat you any which way, because he knows you will leave and it will be his loss. The same applies to everyday life, such as my career. Although my industry is male-dominated, I let it be known that I am strong minded, I know what I want, and where I am going, which lets men know that I am about my business and I demand to be taken seriously. Thus, if you know your worth, no one can treat you anything less, because you won’t tolerate it knowing you deserve better.

What’s the next step for Kandy K? Can we expect any music videos for any tracks on the new P.U.S.H EP?

I would rather let my music speak for itself! If no one knows your dreams, they can’t knock them down right?!
But this year will be a year filled with content and lots of music videos, so stay tuned!!!


Stream Kandy K – P.U.S.H below on Spotify (Also available to buy on iTunes)

Watch Kandy K – All On The Line below on Youtube. 


Words By Daniela Campos

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