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The rapper, singer-songwriter Melii from Harlem, New York is steadily rising her way to the top, with her new hit single “Icey” premiered on WORLDSTARHIPHOP with already 316K views.

However, for those who just recently found her need to know that she’s been doing the music thing for quite some time now. In fact, she’s been writing music since she was a teenager. Although she only has a few tracks out there including “Icey”, “Bk WOE”, ” and her first “No Simple Chick” Melii also has remixes to tracks to Khalid’s “Location”, Logic’s “1-800-273-8255”, and Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” out there as well.

Below, I got the chance to ask Melii some questions that will help clarify any thoughts listeners and fans of her may have.

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Your first single that was posted on your Soundcloud page was “No Simple Chick,” (I believe) How long have you been writing music and perfecting your craft?

I’ve been writing music since I was in middle school. I used to write poems, but it turned into me wanting to rap. From there, I knew I could sing too. Flipping back and forth between both became a style I was most comfortable with.


When you posted your remix to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” did you expect it to get the amount of attention that it did?

Honestly, no. I put out other freestyles and always hope for love but it surpassed all my expectations. Putting it on YouTube and Facebook gave it the right platform to go viral.

Photo By Chris Paul @chrispaulthompson

You kind of remind me of a female version of Devvon Terrell in a way. (with your remixes of certain songs within the industry/ability to sing r&b then switch to hard-hitting raps) What is the process when you choose a track to write your own twist to?

My process when doing remixes is similar to when I make my original music. I go off of how the beat makes me feel, sometimes it calls for singing or rapping – sometimes the song calls for both.

“Icey” is your first single to be on Interscope Records (I believe) How did that come to fruition for you?

I met with a lot of labels once my remixes started going viral. My team and I felt like Interscope saw and understood my vision. I liked how many of my fav artists are signed there as well.

Photo By Chris Paul @chrispaulthompson

The music video for “Icey” was premiered on WORLDSTARHIPHOP. How did that feel? Especially with it already being at 282K views on YouTube.

Icey premiering on Worldstar was a bit scary because I knew most people wouldn’t be real familiar with my other records. As an artist, I expect to get judged. It’s all about how you handle the criticism. I just stayed focus on those who took time out to actually listen and hit me on socials about it.

First off, I want to say the video and track overall are fantastic. Your confidence, catchiness, outfits, voice, everything. How do you stay so confident as a new artist who’s coming up who might be compared to other females in the game? (ex. Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, etc.)

Thank you! Confidence comes from knowing who you are. Being compared is always going to be a thing. I think comparisons are how people can relate to something new. I just try to constantly show the audience who I am so they’ll begin to see me as Melii.

Photo By Chris Paul @chrispaulthompson

Speaking of coming up, what will be your favorite thing once you become famous? What have you noticed already that might be changing (positively or negatively)

Right now, I don’t think too much has changed. I’ve just been put in a position to help my mom out. I hated to watch her stress and feel helpless. My favorite thing is knowing that my parents finally see my vision.

In one of your Instagram posts, you wrote about moving to LA to pursue music and choosing it over anxiety, depression, fear, etc. and more. When did you decide you needed to go out to LA to fully pursue music? What have you learned since?

I think that post was a bit confusing. I haven’t moved to LA, but I spent a good amount of time there writing. The time away from home allowed me to focus more on my dream.

I’ve learned the problems that I face are still there, but the grind can’t stop.
Just gotta keep going.

Photo By Chris Paul @chrispaulthompson

A lot of judgemental people think that a woman who may feel empowered being a stripper, for example, is a particular type of woman who has “no respect” for herself, while someone who let’s say is a teacher and thoroughly clothed is “better respected.” As someone who comes off with confidence yet remains humble, with the content you put out there, how would you explain to the public that women can do whatever they want to to feel empowered and be well-respected?

Either stripper or doctor, as women, they deserve an equal amount of respect. My music is me &  my music is FREE. I don’t and won’t ever limit myself for people. I share that thru my music. “You should choose to be you! …either way, we are judged and that’s okay.”  


Watch Melii – “Icey” below on Youtube. 



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